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Daniel Kim is a chiropractor, physiotherapist and personal trainer with a varied background in a multitude of sports and teaching settings.

For the past few years he has dedicated his career to not only correct dysfunction of the human body system, but also re-educate the correct motor pattern of movement by guiding through the correct exercise. He is a passionate Crossfit coach/athlete which gives him a thorough understanding of how to approach a problem with not just a static, dynamic or passive movement, but how it relates to our daily biomechanic patterns. He puts a big emphasis on how to motivate the brain in a positive way. It is always of interest to find the cause of a problem, not only to treat the symptoms.

Before he completed his masters degree in Chiropractic at Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa, he did his four year degree in physiotherapy at Yongin college in Seoul, South korea. He was working as an officer in the Korean army simultaneously, and left for Chiropractic college upon completing his service.

Davenport was where the first spinal manipulation was ever attempted and Daniel spent his time learning from some of the pioneers in his profession. He dedicated himself very early on to mastering the Gonstead technique, and to pass it on and teach other students. Gonstead Chiropractors do a spinal assessment by conducting a thorough analysis of your spine using multiple criteria to detect the presence of dysfunction/misalignment. This technique also includes specific adjustments of extremeties(hands, arms, legs and feet) when needed.

While working in a multidisciplinary clinic in Chicago he also found good use in techniques aimed more specifically at soft tissues, such as graston, kinesiotaping, dry needling, triggerpoints and active release technique.

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