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Jonathan Arkin is a Doctor of Chiropractic Neurology from America. He holds a diplomate in chiropractic neurology and is a professional applied kinesiologist. This means he is an expert in neurology and in kinesiology (or the study of movement and biomechanics).  For the last several years he has been a treating physician at a prestigious brain injury center in America.  The idea of chiropractic neurology is very simple. The brain controls absolutely everything in the body, it causes your heart to beat, your lungs to breath and your food to digest. By addressing the brain’s function many unexpected conditions can be helped. For example, thousands of cases of concussion and post-concussion syndrome have been treated around the world thanks to the innovations of chiropractic neurology, dizziness, migraines and even movement disorders such as Parkinson’s have been helped dramatically. 

Priser 2021:

Full nevro-undersøkelse: 2000 kr (80 minutter)

Påfølgende behandling 680 kr per gang.

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We do not treat any individual disorder, instead we study the brain and nervous system in depth and provide non-surgical and non-medicinal treatments to increase brain function to allow the body to heal. For example, in the case of fibromyalgia we may provide different light and sound stimulations which will active the brains ability to inhibit pain while this is not directly fixing fibromyalgia after treatment the person may feel much less pain. This has been shown to be very potent in treating patients and most people report an improvement in the symptoms of disease.

The difference between standard medical neurology and chiropractic neurology is this: In medicine the Neurologist has a vast understanding of the brain and nervous system, however he does not treat conditions, instead he will refer to surgery, provide a medicine to attempt to alleviate symptoms or refer to physical therapy to provide rehab exercises. The problem is then the physical therapist who may be very good at doing the rehab exercise does not have any knowledge about neurology or how to personalize his treatment to the patient in front of him. This is where chiropractic neurology really bridges the gap.

We understand the brain and nervous system extremely well and treat the patient and do our own therapies; this allows us to be constantly altering our treatment based off the patient in front of us. Some days we may do more treatment than others because your brain may be in a better a state for that treatment session. Below are some very common issues that we have noticed have generally responded well to brain treatment.

1. Concussion

2. Post concussion syndrome

3. Migraines

4. Dizziness

5. Chronic Fatigue and brain fog

6. Digestive problems

7. Chronic Pain.

Naprapatlandslaget is extremely proud to be expanding the services we offer to our patients. 

Attached is a video about the founder of chiropractic neurology and it shows several treatments and its life changing consequences.

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